Keeping your leather in top condition

Fiebing's Boot Polish

Fiebing’s Boot Polish (2.5 pound tins)

So, a question we often get asked is how to keep your leather in tip top condition. It’s as much a safety concern as anything else; poorly maintained equipment can have disastrous consequences.

Here at the saddlery we use Fiebing’s Boot Polish, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s highly recommended by The Fagliano Brothers, who make handmade polo boots in Argentina. They can’t get it over there, so they buy it from is!

We stock big tins in bulk and save a fortune, and now so can you! It’s much better value than buying small pots of substandard polish, and it’ll encourage you to use it often if there’s more to go round.

We’re now selling the 2.5 pound pots in black, dark brown and ox-blood (red/brown). Please do contact us to find out more, and start taking care of your leather!


  1. As most fabrics and carpets will fade when in direct sunlight a similar effect can occur on your leather. You may find that the surface of the leather becomes quite cracked and it loses it suppleness. Sunlight can also cause the leather to fade, this can be quite pronounced on dark leather and really spoils it’s attractiveness. The best way to avoid this is to keep it away from direct sunshine and to pull the curtains on the warmest days.

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