Duffed up old harness? Briefcase that’s in need of some love? Motorcycle leathers been through the wars? A cherished handbag that’s seen better days?

We can repair almost anything in leather – even things that can’t be machine mended!

Our 100% handmade and hand-stitched approach makes our work incredibly flexible, allowing for a superior finish and unbeatable durability.

We’ll deal with anything that comes onto the bench. Not just saddlery but bags, briefcases, belts, jackets and more.

We’ve done repair work on saddles, knee guards, harness, stirrup leathers, bike leathers, bags, gun cases, cartridge bags, briefcases, designer handbags, suede coats, belts, collars – the list goes on and on. Nothing is below consideration.

Besides restoring and refurbishing leather, we can also supply and fit new zips, buckles, brass hinges, locks and clasps.

Why not contact us today about your leather repair needs? We can guarantee to get your leather goods looking better than new!