Leather Jacket Restoration

It’s hardly the weather for leather jackets at the moment, so instead of putting it away at the back of a cupboard why not let us restore it for you? That way, you get it back good as (or dare we say better than) new when you need it most!

Take a look at a recent transformation and judge it for yourselves:


P.S. Don’t forget – we repair and alter all sorts of things, so if you have any leather goods in need of a bit of TLC or need a zip replacing please do get in touch!

Keeping your leather in top condition

Fiebing's Boot Polish

Fiebing’s Boot Polish (2.5 pound tins)

So, a question we often get asked is how to keep your leather in tip top condition. It’s as much a safety concern as anything else; poorly maintained equipment can have disastrous consequences.

Here at the saddlery we use Fiebing’s Boot Polish, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s highly recommended by The Fagliano Brothers, who make handmade polo boots in Argentina. They can’t get it over there, so they buy it from is!

We stock big tins in bulk and save a fortune, and now so can you! It’s much better value than buying small pots of substandard polish, and it’ll encourage you to use it often if there’s more to go round.

We’re now selling the 2.5 pound pots in black, dark brown and ox-blood (red/brown). Please do contact us to find out more, and start taking care of your leather!

Pre-stretched buffalo girth straps

Pre-stretched buffalo girth straps

Logo Saddlery’s pre-stretched buffalo girth straps

We’re very proud of the fact that we only use the highest quality leather here at Logo Saddlery. We use our pre-stretched buffalo girth straps on ALL our saddles, not just the more robust ones used for polo.

We don’t cheap out where safety is concerned. Only the best is good enough. Unfortunately, we’ve had to turn down several jobs where customers have tried to cheap out by buying lower quality leather for us to work with.

We have high standards, and we’re certainly not ashamed to admit it. Take our advice, from decades in the business, and always put safety and quality before the price tag.

Restoration of polo tack

We’ve had lots of diversity on the workbench this week, with this huge holdall of polo tack to be repaired and cleaned, four polo saddles awaiting various repairs, restoration of some Gucci handbag handles, the crafting of some new watch strap loops for our local jeweller (http://www.littlecogs.com/), and refurbishment of leather for a giant pocket watch and table clock.

The polo tack was by far the largest job, but we’re really pleased with the results, and the fact that it’s going to keep our players safe on the field!

Before and after pictures below:

Polo tack after refurbishment

Polo tack after refurbishment

Polo tack before refurbishment

Polo tack before refurbishment

Play safe this season!

Let’s be honest, Polo is a dangerous sport!

With local polo tournaments coming up, now is the time to check polo saddles (especially girth straps), tack and knee guard velcro.

During the tournaments we regularly undertake emergency repairs ready for the next match. Don’t leave yours until it’s too late!

Upcoming tournament dates – Cowdray Park Polo Club – Midhurst – 2014

– 1st tournament – Barrett Cup – 26th April – 18th May

– The famous Veuve Cliquot Gold Cup – 24th June – with the final on 20th July.

– Culminating in the Jaeger – LeCoultre Autumn Cup 8th – 21st September

New leather for shooting sticks

Shooting stick repairAnother interesting job completed, and the customer is thrilled!

This one involved stripping and re-seating some shooting sticks from around 1914-1918.

The old leather was falling apart after so many years of use, so we replaced it with brand new stuff and went the extra mile by fitting leather to the pole and handles as well.

We think they’re looking fantastic. What do you think?