Pre-stretched buffalo girth straps

Pre-stretched buffalo girth straps

Logo Saddlery’s pre-stretched buffalo girth straps

We’re very proud of the fact that we only use the highest quality leather here at Logo Saddlery. We use our pre-stretched buffalo girth straps on ALL our saddles, not just the more robust ones used for polo.

We don’t cheap out where safety is concerned. Only the best is good enough. Unfortunately, we’ve had to turn down several jobs where customers have tried to cheap out by buying lower quality leather for us to work with.

We have high standards, and we’re certainly not ashamed to admit it. Take our advice, from decades in the business, and always put safety and quality before the price tag.


  1. Webbing 3 girth straps in a triangular position distribute the weight evenly and make the saddle very stable on the horse’s back.

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